High life + African Easter in London

Hi Peeps, I just experienced a very nice weekend in This big smoke city that's London. This is the best Easter weekend I had for a decade. -On Thursday I performed at Bernies Grant Performing Arts center in Tottenham as part of a double bill with Buky Leo (ex Fela Egypt 70 sax player) + his band, where I met great people. The likes of Rikki Stein (friend and long time Fela manager), Sarah Ebanja (chair woman at the center), Saphire Reggae (Aka Melanie - Dj + singer). I jammed with the great percussion player R. Olatunde Baker. -On Friday I went to the Spitafield market near brick lane and was rewarded by a fantastic party. Music, story telling, great vibe, nice crowd, good people, good foo

They want to destroy Humans

It looks and sounds like a joke. Doesn't it? This is not a joke. They really want to destroy Humans. Think of all these wars, these religions, the ogm, the chemicals, the manmade virus, Ebola, Zica, HIV, terorism, recolonization of Africa, Libyan destruction, Boko haram etc...

Beautiful + Gratitude are the Words tonight

Yes, Beautiful + Gratitude are the words tonight after the great show, the classy and very beautiful Melody Gardot + Bumi Thomas concert at London Palladium last night. In the picture, from left to right: Yvette Summers, Seyi Awolesi, Melody Gardot, Bumi Thomas, One of a Kind, Muntu Valdo.

Melody for my wellbeing

My treat this evening is attending a Classy concert from a classy artist in a classy venue, The London Palladium. Melody Gardot Gig is one for my mind tonight, harmonious, melodious and sound perfect I'm up for something great with the bonus of my Funcky friend Bumi Thomas as a support act. Exciting exciting. #MelodyGardot #BumiThomas #Jazz #Gig #Concert #LondonPalladium #WestEnd

Everything started in Ethiopia

Humanity started in Africa. Civilisation began in Egypt. Egyptians (ancient Egyptian- Kemetw) said they came from Ethiopia. So far the oldest human being ever discovered, Lucie, who lived on earth more than 3 millions years ago whose skeleton was found in Ethiopia is my ancestor. So before my first post in this brand new online home of mine, I'll take some energy with great vegan Ethiopian food. The vegan Injera is my dinner today before heading to my meeting with new collaborator in this new journey of mine. #food #vegan #health #Ethiopia #Africa #MuntuValdo #Egypt #Injera #history

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